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Hisnulmuslim : fortress of the muslim with audio- invocations in islam according to Quran and Sunnah (Sunna)

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Transcription system

Name Isolated form Transcription
hamza ء '
alif ا â
ب b
ت t
thâ ث th
jim ج j
hâ ح h underlined
khâ خ kh
dâl د d
dhâl ذ dh
ر r
zîn ز z
sîn س s
shîn ش sh
sâd ص s underlined
dâd ض d underlined
tâ ط t underlined
zâ ظ z underlined
cayn ع c
ghayn غ gh
ف f
qâf ق q
kâf ك k
lâm ل l
mîm م m
nûn ن n
ه h
waw و w, û
ي y, î